Mac OS X and iOS software development services

Update your iOS or OS X app

Does your app need bugs fixed or updates made? We can help!

Need the advice of an independent experienced developer? We can help!

Bug fixes

Complex code base? No problem.

No fix, no fee.


New features.

Update tests.

Update documentation.


We know how to talk to humans.

Planning, estimating, reviews.

General development advice.

Other Services

Need something else development-related in the Apple eco-system? Get in touch. We love learning and will be happy to discuss.

About Us

We are a small team, with an appreciation of disciplined software engineering processes, quality assurance, automation and good planning.

English is our native language and all work is done in Australia.

Our principal developer has over 15 years experience as a software developer and team leader with nearly a decade of experience working on various Mac OS X and iOS projects utilising Cocoa, IOKit (device drivers), CoreAudio (device drivers), QuickTime (codecs and I/O), Objective-C, C++, C and now Swift.

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